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Barry Short - Voice-Over

Barry is a UK voice-over artist with a generic southern English accent, but is comfortable using his native soft Mancunian accent. 


His age range is typically 20s - 40s and is naturally chatty, engages with both a youthful and mature audience. His reading style ranges from dynamically exciting to caring and conversational.

Clients can listen and direct recording sessions online, including voice to picture from his own professional recording studio at Audiotake, he is usually available during normal work hours.

Barry's Story

Barry grew up in Manchester in the 90's and started recording bands and landed a job as a sound engineer / producer at a major commercial studio, where he started in the world of voice-overs.


Work took him to London and then on to the South Coast at Global Radio. He then worked in Australia for a couple of years, before returning back to Bournemouth, where he was head of production at Common Heard in Poole.


In 2011 Barry set up Audiotake ltd, specialising in music, commercial production and sound design, including voice-overs for global advertising campaigns.

Barry say's that his years of experience as a producer, is beneficial for voice work, as he understands what the client is after and can deliver the right read, first time.

When he is not working he can usually be found riding his mountain bike or out surfing. He is often referred to as the Peter Pan of the voice world ;o)

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